How 9 Things Will Change The Way You Approach Boxing Personal Training

Boxing is one of the most popular forms of boxing. If you’re interested in boxing training, there are several things that you must keep in mind before entering this boxing ring.        Boxing training is different from weight training in many ways. Firstly, boxing training has much more cardio involved due to the constant repetitive movements. If your boxing instructor doesn’t have you boxing for at least 30 minutes, then your boxing training isn’t great.


Your boxing instructor should also be teaching you the correct boxing techniques to protect yourself against injury. If your boxing trainer doesn’t know how to do this (for example they are trying to teach you the wrong way), it is up to you to stop them and correct them. Your boxing trainer should also be focusing on boxing technique and boxing fitness, and not on weight training and isolation exercises (like bicep curls).

man in black tank top and black shorts wearing black boxing gloves


Here are 9 boxing tips to follow when trying boxing for the first time:


1. Before starting boxing lessons or training, it’s extremely important that your body is prepared for boxing training.


2. Before boxing training, you must ensure that your boxing routine is tailored for boxing success and boxing fitness.


3. There is no such thing as boxing equipment or boxing workout, but it’s important to note that standard boxing gloves range in size from 8oz to 20 oz. The size of the boxing glove will depend on several factors, including boxing experience, boxing training goals, boxing fitness level etc.

4. It’s important to find your fighting stance before boxing lessons or boxing training.

5. Stance is the position in which you hold your body while boxing and it’ll determine how you move during boxing training. You must first establish your fighting posture by standing with both feet slightly apart, boxing gloves up to your boxing face, boxing gloves by boxing hips.

6. While boxing training it’s important to keep your eyes on the boxing target at all times. However, there are several things that you should know about boxing targets: they include the following:

  • 1 Head Boxer  Target
  • The boxing head is the primary boxing target.

  • 2 Body Boxer  Target

  • The boxing body is the secondary boxing target.

  • 3 Boxing Elbow Target

  • 4 Boxing Foot Target

       The boxing elbow and boxing foot are other boxing targets.

1. When boxing it’s important to remember that boxing is a fast paced full body boxing exercise. It’s important for boxing training to include boxing arms, boxing legs and boxing hands. To ensure that your boxing routine is designed for boxing success it’s important to use the appropriate boxing techniques during boxing training.

2. There are several ways to train, boxing fitness is boxing training that increases your boxing performance. Boxing fitness boxing workouts are designed to help you get into boxing shape and overall boxing health.


3. It’s important to note that the sport of boxing is very strenuous on the body. If you’re interested in boxing training it’s highly recommended that you use a boxing timer or boxing stopwatch for boxing training.

Good boxing gloves are necessary boxing equipment. It’s important to note that boxing gloves range in size from 8oz to 20 oz depending on boxing experience, boxing goals etc.

There are several boxing exercises that you can perform with the use of a boxing heavy bag, speed bag or jump rope which boxing workouts are boxing routines that boxing trainers use during boxing training. When boxing it’s important to follow boxing techniques and boxing tips. Boxing is not a boxing weight loss program, but boxing is a great way for boxing weight loss. See this website!

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