Window & Door Page

When you decide to sell your house through Tostem, one of the first things you need to consider is whether to include a window & door page in your home selling package. This type of page is an essential part of the entire transaction and should be making sure it goes with your property. Although the window & door page are not required when buying a new home, it is best to have one so that buyers can easily enter and leave the property without any problems. Having a tostem gate site on the glass front door makes the process of physically moving out easier for all parties.

A Window & Door Page Review of the Experts

Having a window & door page ensures you maintain good relationship with your prospective buyers and even after they move out you can show them pictures of your property. By showing the pictures, you are letting the buyer know that the house is well maintained and is ready for them to move in. They can easily see the damages done by the previous owners and also see how well the property is insulated and secure. Another advantage is that you do not have to worry about the tenants seeing the property and possibly giving you a negative feedback. Once a buyer sees the inside of the property, he/she is more inclined to want to buy the house.

In some cases, Tostem may not be able to accommodate your needs in terms of a window & door page and this may require you to find a replacement. If you cannot find a matching Tostem gate for your door, you should ask the seller if he can customize one for you. If he can, this will be beneficial as you will not have to pay as much as you would have if the window and door page were separate. You will also save money as the fees for customizing will be lower. Another option is to use the same style of gate and have the lettering match your lettering. This gives your home more curb appeal and helps your house blend in better with the surrounding homes.

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