Why Do I Need a Foot Podiatrist?

The foot is the foundation of the human body and foot podiatrists are the only doctors who specialize in foot problems. Podiatrists specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and general well being of the feet. They perform diagnostic examinations to identify the cause of foot problems and their respective treatments. A podiatrist treats diseases and abnormalities of the foot both physically and surgically and diagnoses them. Some common disorders of the foot are corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, hammer toe and pours.

In order to treat foot podiatrist problems, podiatrists carry out various procedures like checking the structures and components of the foot, testing the function of the nerves and examining the joints. Before starting the treatment process a thorough examination of the patient’s history and physical and mental condition is conducted to get a clear idea about the patient’s condition. Other than diagnosing the disorders of the foot, podiatrists can help prevent further injuries by giving advice about the right kind of footwear to be worn. Many of the foot problems can be treated at home by using special implements or medicines available in the market.

Several foot problems can be prevented by taking care of our feet. Wearing proper shoes when going outside and wearing socks and shoes that can keep your feet warm and dry are also important. Avoiding excessive foot exercises can also prevent many foot problems as well as preventing the occurrence of other disorders such as arthritis. A healthy lifestyle with an appropriate diet can go a long way in treating the various foot problems.

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