Water Coolers For Energy Star Homes

Water coolers, sometimes called water dispensers, are a mechanism that heats or cools water through the addition of a refrigeration unit and a desuperheater. It is most commonly found near the bathroom because of close proximity to plumbing. A drain line is usually provided to the water coolers drain line to the sewer line. Water coolers are used in industries like manufacturing, food processing, pharmaceutical, pulp and lube, and water treatment. It may be small or large and made out of metal, plastic or other materials.

water coolers

Water Coolers For Energy Star Homes

Some water coolers can use batteries for power but most run on electricity. Cold water dispensed through a warm or cool running water feature or instant cold water feature can be used to replace an instant hot water feature that is frequently used by industries such as hospitals and clinics. Most water coolers can also come with a removable water reservoir that allows a more constant cool temperature.

Some types of water coolers can also come with a side-by-side “quench” control and a five-minute auto-freeze feature. Auto-freeze allows the container to quench with air if there is no room temperature water within the quench cylinder. If room temperature water is within the quench cylinder, the water coolers will automatically shut down until room temperature water is pulled from the condenser unit. The quench control can be left in full mode if you wish to use it during hot seasons. The quench control has an adjustable thermostat that allows users to set a preferred cool temperature.

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