Kenmore Hills Early Learning Center

“There’s so much to offer” in Kenmore Hills Early Learning Center. “With a high concentration on learning, children are given a head start on the development of their brains and bodies while enriching their lives with knowledge that will last their entire lives.” This is the philosophy behind this facility. This center has also taken pride of place in the National Association of Child Care Professionals’ annual rankings.

Kenmore Hills Early Learning Center

The educational curriculum offered at this facility is designed to help children learn about themselves and others. The balance between fun, play, education and wildness is the main feature of the Kenmore Hills Early Learning Center. This facility also offers the best childcare experience by providing an environment which promotes learning while allowing a child to get away from the “crowds” and play with their parents. This facility has the highest percentage of children playing with their parents than any other preschool in the country. The Center prides itself in teaching children the values of friendship, trust, responsibility and the ability to work in a team. The Center also strives to give children as many developmental experiences as possible.

If your child needs preschool-based educational activities, such as musical learning, math learning, foreign language learning, arts and crafts, or even arts and music, this is where you can find it at Kenmore Hills Early Learning Center. It is also a great place to take a vacation because it allows your child to explore the world in a safe and nurturing setting. The Kenmore Hills Early Learning Center is a true gem of a preschool that is sure to impress you and your family with its educational and engaging activities.

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