IvyBot Aquarium Equipment – Keeping Your Fish Happy

Vivarium Equipment  ARES Scientific

Vivarium Equipment | ARES ScientificVivarium equipment consists of a variety of items that are required for keeping a pet colony of fish together. It includes things like aquarium heaters, aquarium lighting and aquarium filtration, aquarium heaters, fish food, fish cages, fish food dispensers and feeders, filters, heaters, pumps, heat removers, temperature regulators, heat pumps, UVB lights, and heaters, and aquarium aerators and water circulation equipment.

Vivarium Equipment | ARES Scientific

The Ivybot is one of the latest in the type of aquariums that are available and is a multi-purpose system for keeping aquarium fish alive and well, so you don’t have to worry about having to constantly buy more food, or changing out filter cartridges. This tank is not only very easy to set up, but it can be set up to be quite inexpensive as well. All you need is a little bit of DIY skills and you will have a fully functional aquarium tank within a couple of days.

It’s a really neat concept that this aquarium provides, and the developers of the Ivybot have designed it so that the entire system is completely user friendly. It is also very simple in terms of maintenance, and all of the parts and pieces can be obtained at your local pet supply store. The installation instructions are very simple and will make you a very good technician in no time flat. The Ivybot is a great product to have for keeping your fish happy, as well as being a great addition to any home aquarium. There are a lot of great features to the Vivarium, including a UVB light, filtration system, temperature regulation and even built in aeration and water circulation.

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