Little Giants Auburn – Tips For Choosing a Quality Child Care Center

As part of our ongoing commitment to offering top class quality in childcare, the Little Giants Auburn has invested in some major renovations in the recent past including the building of a brand new Learning Centre. This includes a brand new state of the art facility for infants and toddlers with a state of the art color-coded floor system, heated, insulated playgrounds and an indoor playroom, complete with DVD’s, board games, toys, and even a minibar.

Little Giants Auburn – Tips for Choosing Good Day Care Centers |

The facility will also offer an array of activities and educational opportunities for babies and toddlers as well as adults, helping to create an enjoyable environment for all. For those who are looking for a full day or weekend of activity, the center has a number of exciting programs available with a wide range of games, plays and special events including.

There is also a program for parents who want to take their children out for a picnic or barbecue with their Little Giants. We have a range of activities for all ages, ensuring that your children and staff get the most out of the experience, whether you are looking for an afternoon’s outdoor fun, a trip to the park, or a special event with the whole family.

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